What if a photographer doesn't want to leave her lovely baby?

This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! haha!
these photos shared by mott.pe
if one day you are a mom and you got to do photography you know where to put it hahaha

A Nikon with 5 tele lenses and a cute baby. What a lucky daddy :)

..more than comfortable.. Happy baby

Yeeeeaaa the best shoot, precious baby... Obviously the best camera

Has the face of everything but of comfort 

Hi mate! I'm going to travel with a photographer. Cool isn't it?

To this baby I think what I put there mom, you look very comfortable

It seems I need a backpack bigger to bring my baby to the session of photos lol

The face of the baby says:.. Have you done???

My dada is hipster :)

...so are you going to wrap with your children

DIY Web Company...?

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Hi everyone -Im just starting out and would like to get a website. `Does anyone have any favourite 'do it yourself' website companies they would recommend please???

I'm currently with www.bigblackbag.com but will be switching to www.domain.com . They have some really nice templates to use as well. 
There's also www.wix.com One of my friend used wix and the help of their support team because I'm not that savvy and I love his site: www.hannahnicolephoto.com

I have had experience with squarespace, however I really hate how long it takes for images (even small res files) to load so just wondering if anyone has any other recommendations please?