What if a photographer doesn't want to leave her lovely baby?

This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! haha!
these photos shared by mott.pe
if one day you are a mom and you got to do photography you know where to put it hahaha

A Nikon with 5 tele lenses and a cute baby. What a lucky daddy :)

..more than comfortable.. Happy baby

Yeeeeaaa the best shoot, precious baby... Obviously the best camera

Has the face of everything but of comfort 

Hi mate! I'm going to travel with a photographer. Cool isn't it?

To this baby I think what I put there mom, you look very comfortable

It seems I need a backpack bigger to bring my baby to the session of photos lol

The face of the baby says:.. Have you done???

My dada is hipster :)

...so are you going to wrap with your children

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